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Carpet Cleaner

Choose from a range of robust, powerful and versatile carpet cleaners for effective deep and intermediate cleaning of carpets and stain removal from textiles as well as upholstery and car seats.

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  • SE 5.100

    Karcher SE 5.100

    The SE 5.100 spray extraction cleaner cleans textile surfaces, carpets, upholstery, mattresses,…

    12 Months product guarantee

  • Karcher FC5 CORDLESS

    The rotating microfibre rollers are automatically dampened by the fresh water tank and pick up dirt…

    12 Months product guarantee

  • BRC 30/15C

    Karcher BRC 30/15C

    The BRC 30/15 C is the perfect machine for fibre-deep carpet cleaning of smaller areas. With its…

    12 Months product guarantee

  • BRC 40/22C

    Karcher BRC 40/22C

    Compared to conventional spray extraction machines, the BRC 40/22 C carpet cleaner allows you to…

    12 Months product guarantee

  • PUZZI 8/1C

    Karcher PUZZI 8/1C

    Powerful yet compact spray extraction machine for cleaning small areas of carpet. It offers the…

    12 Months product guarantee

  • PUZZI 10/1C

    Karcher PUZZI 10/1C

    Puzzi 10/1 with upholstery nozzle and floor nozzle is particularly suited to hygienic and effective…

    12 Months product guarantee

  • PUZZI 30/4

    Karcher PUZZI 30/4

    With a noise level of 66 dB (A), the Puzzi 30/4 spray extraction machine is the quietest wet vacuum…

    12 Months product guarantee