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HD 9/23 DE

Brand Karcher

Model HD 9/23 DE

For independent use in areas with poor infrastructure the HD 9/23 De diesel powered, mobile cold water high pressure cleaner with 230 bar pressure for high cleaning performance.


Ideal wherever difficult external conditions and demanding cleaning tasks meet: the HD 9/23 De diesel-powered cold water high-pressure cleaner with Yanmar diesel engine generates the electricity it needs itself. If necessary, the required water can also be suctioned directly from bodies of water, allowing you to work in areas with poor infrastructure. With a water pressure of 230 bar, the machine measures up to almost any task.

The machine is ideal for Construction industry (facade cleaning, cleaning construction vehicles and equipment), Agriculture (cleaning vehicles and equipment or for use in forestry), Industry (cleaning of equipment), Service providers (cleaning outside areas e.g. squares and car parks).