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HDS-E 8/16-4M 24KW

Brand Karcher

Model HDS-E 8/16-4M 24KW

The electrically heated HDS E 8/16-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner


Resource-conserving yet enormously powerful: the innovative HDS E 8/16-4 M hot water high-pressure cleaner offers a 24 kW heating output and a high work temperature of maximum 85°C. It is also extremely energy efficient. The innovative, highly effective boiler insulation of the electrically heated machine reduces the power consumption in stand-by mode by a full 40%.

When the ecoefficiency mode is activated, the high-pressure cleaner automatically switches to highly efficient 60°C operation, which is entirely sufficient for most cleaning tasks.

The machine allows Cleaning during production processes especially in food processing facilities, Cleaning of production facilities, Device and machine cleaning, Workshop cleaning, Cleaning outdoor spaces, Service station cleaning, Cleaning of sports facilities.