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Perkins 30kva

Brand: Perkins

Model: PK30

Perkins Engine four stroke heavy duty high performance industrial type diesel engine. Engine filtration-Air filter, Fuel filter, Full flow lube oil filter. Radiator and cooling fan, complete with safety guards, designed to cool the engine at high ambient temperatures, Heavy duty Industrial Exhaust Silencer, Electric start with Deep SEA Panel.


Perkins generator is efficient, quiet and powerful. Its power density, durability, fuel efficiency and quiet operation makes it the ideal model for the end user.

The generator base frame design is incorporated with an integral fuel tank with a capacity of long running hours at Full Load. The tank is supplied complete with fill cap breather, fuel feed and return lines to the Engine and drain plug.

The Leroy-Somer TAL Alternator  is designed to meet the general needs of stand-by and prime power applications in telecom, commercial and industrial markets. The alternator is of high quality standards and is built with class H insulation materials.  

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) The fully sealed Automatic Voltage Regulator maintains the Voltage Regulation at ±0.5%. Nominal adjustment by means of a trim pot incorporated on the AVR. 

 Anti-Vibration pads are affixed between the Engine / Alternator feet and the Base frame thus ensuring complete vibration isolation of the rotating assembly.